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Surveys consistently show that a majority of all religious groups (except white Evangelicals) support reproductive freedom and access to abortion; however, the general cultural perception is that people of faith are opposed to reproductive dignity. This narrative must change to reflect reality. Within SACReD and in our broader network, we have a growing group of religious leaders, academics, and justice activists working to break the conservative Christian hold on the public’s moral imagination. Grounded in their deep, faith-based convictions, they advocate for the moral and social goods of reproductive dignity and justice. We facilitate their increased visibility in the public square through earned media coverage, op-eds, public forum participation, and social media engagement.

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SACReD Updates

SACReD Gathering: May 7-9! SACReD Gathering: May 7-9!Mark your calendar and plan to join us! The 2024 SACReD Gathering is in New Orleans, May 7-9. Can’t join us in person? There will be virtual options too!You can reserve your hotel room here. Registration and more details coming soon. Invite your community and make sure that they…

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Where is God in this?

Greetings beloveds,  It has been an agonizing month, and for some much longer. When the devastating events of October 7th first occurred SACReD leaned into our values and tended to our beloved community. We spent time reaching into our partners and those directly impacted to listen and to learn how we could best support them….

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A Faith-Rooted Response to the Dobbs Anti-versary

Part of the reason Roe fell was because the broader repro movement has lacked a comprehensive faith strategy. The fall of Roe is not solely a political problem, and it cannot have solely a political solution. People of faith have been active with clear strategies and tactics for a long time. We are essential to…

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SACReD Messages

Yard Signs

It is more important than ever for people of faith to speak out in support of abortion access and reproductive justice. SACReD has created signs for you to share that your faith values inform your support for abortion access.

We have a dream that these signs and others will sprout up across the country as a visible sign of the immorality of abortion restrictions.

You can use these images to share on your social media or print signs at home for your yard or rallies. Please use these in your local community, congregation, and in your yard!

Download your favorite version and have it printed at your local print store (Staples, Fedex, CVS, Office Depot, other local shops, etc.) or online at a place like this. If you order in bulk, the cost per sign drops significantly. Consider ordering many for your community!

As you use these resources, we invite you to make a donation to the work of SACReD. We need your help to build a powerful religious movement that supports Reproductive Justice!