Where is God in this?

Greetings beloveds, 

It has been an agonizing month, and for some much longer. When the devastating events of October 7th first occurred SACReD leaned into our values and tended to our beloved community. We spent time reaching into our partners and those directly impacted to listen and to learn how we could best support them. We are a multi-faith alliance committed to Reproductive Justice for all. We reached in to two of our directly impacted partners and invited them to collaborate with us in crafting a statement, which you’ll find below. Working in coalition takes deep grace and compassion when faced with differences in lived experiences and beliefs, however, we know that collective action and care is what will see us through. We are deeply thankful to National Council of Jewish Women and HEART for saying yes to this process with us and we pray that we can continue to find our way forward together.

In Faith,

The SACReD Team